Episode 87 of Lets Talk covers the topic of relocation services. Angela Stewart, Founder and Managing Director of Edinburgh-based Remeo shares her journey of establishing Remeo in 2011 and the subsequent collaboration with Susan Godfrey. She describes their diverse skill sets and expertise gained from previous positions before creating Remeo, and details how their experiences benefit their current roles.

Angela reflects on the inspiration behind Remeo’s creation, and how she came up with that specific name for the business. With a focus on three core services – corporate relocation, private relocation, and home management – Angela describes her main clients and the types of assistance and support they provide. She distinguishes between corporate and private relocation services, highlighting the unique challenges and strategies employed to navigate their diverse client needs.

Second home management and the complexities involved

The discussion unfolds to explore the typical challenges faced by individuals and companies during relocation, with Angela offers practical advice for ensuring a smooth and successful transition. Additionally, Angela elaborates on Remeo’s second home management assistance, addressing the complexities of this service and the challenges encountered.

A notable aspect of Remeo’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by the outstanding testimonials on their website. Angela talks about the strategies employed to maintain such high levels of satisfaction and what sets Remeo apart in the industry.

Finally, Angela discusses Remeo’s involvement with local charity Fresh Start, who help thousands of tenants a year make a new home for themselves.

If you would like to get involved and help people who have experienced homelessness, make a new start for themselves, contact Fresh Start

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