Dundee based Finlayson Gore’s Managing Director, Eilidh Finlayson, joins Lets Talk for episode 54. Eilidh provides an insightful commentary on Dundee’s current rental market and her view on a societal shift in tenant’s rental choices.

Eilidh shares her views on Dundee’s strong annual growth and the reasons for significant rent increases. She also discusses specific property sizes that have experienced most increase in average monthly rent and the reasons for this, as well as the city’s hotspots for rent levels.

Free port status

Dundee’s continued economic strength has made it an attractive location for property investors and host, Gillian Semmler, asks Eilidh about yield levels in the city and her views on the effect on stock levels and rental values if Dundee was granted free port status.

Eilidh also discusses legislative matters concerning the PRS including EPC requirements and the discretionary grounds for possession.

Ending on a lighter note, Gillian asks Eilidh for recommendations for eating out in Dundee.

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