Jimmy Black, former Dundee Housing Convenor and Housing Justice Campaigner, as well as co-host of Scottish Housing News podcast joins Lets Talk host, Gillian Semmler for episode 47. Jimmy shares his views on Dundee’s rental market including his thoughts on how the local economy has affected rental values and whether the city possibly becoming a future centre for the decommissioning of oil rigs will influence future rental values.

They also talk about the housing shortage in Scotland, including the Government’s Housing to 2040 document and Jimmy discusses what actions he thinks are needed to reduce the housing issues in Dundee.

Support for tenants

Gillian asks Jimmy about his thoughts on the Scottish Government’s support for tenants including the £10m tenant hardship loan fund and the proposed ‘new deal for tenants’, and also asks him to share his views on the temporary Covid legislation for Notice to Leave, and how he feels landlords may be affected if it was to be extended further.

Jimmy also recalls his experience as a radio broadcaster for BBC Scotland and reveals his interesting initiative where, as a piper, he was involved in helping young people create Scottish contemporary traditional music.

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