Episode 84 of Lets Talk features Michelle Christie, Managing Consultant of JIL, a leading recruitment agency that specialises in the Scottish property industry. Michelle brings over 30 years of first hand property experience to her role, giving her invaluable knowledge in property recruitment and an extensive network of contacts within the industry.

In our discussion, Michelle sheds light on the evolution of JIL, sharing its origins in recruiting for the PRS lettings industry and its subsequent expansion to specialise in the broader property sector. This growth reflects JIL’s commitment to providing comprehensive recruitment solutions tailored to the diverse needs of the property industry.

Beyond lettings, JIL also focuses on recruiting for various sectors within the property industry. Michelle discusses the diverse opportunities available in the housing sector and offers advice to individuals, particularly those of school age, who may be interested in pursuing a career in property but lack clarity on the available positions and pathways to enter the field.

For those looking to transition into the property industry from a different field, Michelle provides practical guidance and strategies to navigate the transition successfully. She also shares insights into the recruitment process at JIL, emphasising the importance of cultural fit between candidates and companies.

As candidates prepare for interviews, especially younger individuals who may be less familiar with interview procedures, Michelle offers advice to ensure they stand out to recruiters. From crafting standout CV’s to mastering interview etiquette, Michelle provides essential tips to help candidates present themselves confidently and professionally.

Throughout our conversation, Michelle highlights the joys of working as a property recruitment consultant and what keeps her motivated in her role. She also reflects on alternative career paths she might have pursued if not for her career in the property industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring candidate, there’s something valuable to learn from Michelle’s journey in property recruitment.

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