An unusual ‘property’ was listed for sale in Essex for £250,000 earlier this week.

Clacton based estate agents, Palmer & Partners, posted an igloo for sale, describing it as a “one bedroom house” which would appeal to first time buyers.

From the listing, ‘prospective owners’ could learn that the igloo was located on a “large plot,” on the imaginary “North Pole Road” in Clacton-on-Sea in Essex.

The biggest selling point of this cosy-looking home, was “room to extend,” however, the advert also warned the potential igloo buyers that it was “showing signs of damp,” therefore a survey was needed before they agreed to buy.

Palmer & Partners

According to the estate agents, the igloo listing received a few viewing requests.

Brady Rackham, a partner at Palmer & Partners, explained that the idea behind listing the igloo for sale came alive after spotting the remarkable ice construction in Essex on social media. The agent simply wished to spread a little joy.

Mr Rackham said: “A fantastic local family built this great igloo and we noticed it on social media.

“We could not let the opportunity pass to let the public see it in all its glory, so we decided to put it on the open market for people to see.

“It created a lot of conversation and made people laugh which at the moment you can’t ask for more than that. It’s a bit of light-hearted fun and something different to advertise on our platforms.”

The advert has already been removed by the agent and we can’t help but wonder if it got sold so quickly or simply melted 😉