There is more change again planned for the future of the Scottish PRS landscape. Since the May election, the SNP has introduced the ‘Housing to 2040 document’, as well as made an agreement with the Greens to deliver what they call ‘a new deal for tenants’ as part of the ‘Rented Sector Strategy’. Policy and Campaigns Manager for ARLA Propertymark Scotland, Daryl McIntosh, joins Lets Talk for episode 43 to discuss these latest proposals.

Daryl and host, Gillian Semmler, discuss rent controls, one of the priorities within the proposals, and also the perceived failure of the previous RPZ’s (Rent Pressure Zones) introduced in 2016 as well as rent controls in other cities abroad.

ARLA’s Policy and Campaign’s Manager gives his views on what he thinks would be the best solution to preserve stable market dynamics in a sector where there is a degree of volatility, most notably at this time, in Glasgow.

100,000 homes by 2031/32

Gillian and Daryl chat about the Scottish Government’s target to build 100,000 homes by 2031/32 and whether this is realistic and sufficient to address the current housing issues. Daryl also shares his views on how the Government could ensure that a balance of the ‘right tenures’ are built where they are most required.

They also talk about ARLA Propertymark’s chosen charity for 2021, ‘Young Minds’, and how listeners can support it.

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