With the lack of new housing supply becoming such a big issue (https://www.insidehousing.co.uk/missing-millions/6527782.blog or here https://www.spiked-online.com/newsite/article/affordable_housing/) Citylets felt it was important to explore the latest statistics from Scottish Government Housing Division to try and understand if this phenomenon was universal across Scotland. In previous blog posts we have examined the national statistics but the interactive chart below allows you see the volume of new build completions for each Scottish Local Authority and breaks these down by Private, Housing Association and Local Authority. What is evident is the rapid decline in completions from the peak in 2007 when there were 25,741 across all sectors to just 14,877 last year. But these overall national figures hide some very interesting local and sectoral trends – it seems astonishing that in 2012 the City of Dundee with a population of 144,290 had just 163 new build completions which is less than the 169 built in Eilan Siar (Western Isles) which has a population of just 26,080. Also worth noting that it is only Local Authority new build completions that have seen growth over the last five years -1,096 in 2012 when they accounted for a not insignificant 7.4% of all completions in Scotland.

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