In last week’s blog we touched on the latest inflation data published by Office of National Statistics (ONS). They are well known for publishing an enormous array of statistical data on almost any topic and while most of it is rather dry they have begun presenting summaries of this data as ‘infographics’. From their summary of trends in PRS and Home ownership below I would say they are doing a very good job of it, though my only gripe is that there is no data for Scotland.

But ONS can hardly be blamed for that as the Census in Scotland was carried out separately and its results are not being published until well after those for England & Wales. It is now more than two years since the Census night (27th March 2011) and it is frustrating that we can’t provide similar insights in to trends within PRS in Scotland. However, as soon as the Census data for Scotland is available we will be sure to include it in a range of Citylets information services.

A point worth making is that we fully expect the PRS trends shown in England & Wales to be reflected in Scotland.
A century of home ownership and renting infographic

Infographic by Office for National Statistics (ONS)